Non Ferrous Metals

With over 60 years experience in scrap metal recycling J Sanders and Son are also competitive purchasers of ALL grades of non-ferrous metals. Our prices are continuously updated to offer the best value to our customers, from the house holder/member of public right through to large companies or public bodies.

Just some of the grades of non-ferrous metals we purchase include, Copper (Tube, cylinders, bright wire etc), Copper Wire (PVC coated, armoured etc), Brass, Lead, Lead Acid Batteries, Stainless Steel, Aluminium (Aluminium wheels, section, quadrant, irony aluminium), Zinc.

Processed Materials and Payment Process

Ferrous Metal

At J Sanders and Son Ltd we are able to draw on over 60 years of experience to purchase and process ALL grades of ferrous metal in an efficient and environmentally responsible manner. This allows us to offer competitive prices that are continuously updated to offer the best value to our customers.

Just some of the grades of ferrous metals we purchase include, Light Iron, Heavy Iron, Mixed Farm Scrap, RSJ/Constructional, Cast iron, Steel Cuttings, Steel Swarf.

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Payment Process

A change in the law has meant that since the 3rd of December 2012 it is now illegal to be paid in cash for scrap metal. Below is a guide to the process of selling us your scrap metal and how we will pay you for it:

1. When you arrive on site all customers MUST report to the weighbridge office. This is important because, before we can accept your scrap metal, we must check that you have valid photo ID and means by which we can pay you.

2. ​Valid forms of photo ID include:
- Valid photocard driving licence
- Valid passport - which must be accompanied by proof of address (such as bank statement or utility bill) that is no more than 3 months old

3. All Ad-Hoc customers are required to let us have their bank sort code and account number (not savings accounts) details for electronic payment to be paid.


​Customers who are VAT registered can set up an account very easily. We require the trading name, bank details and VAT number.  We then issue a 'self-bill' invoice and again make electronic payment.