At J Sanders and Son we also offer a complete collection service for all your scrap metal needs. Examples of the types and sizes of vehicles that our fleet comprises of are set out below, or for a specific enquiry please feel free to contact us.

Artic (Flatbed) - Melanie Grace

This vehicle and trailer combination is most suited to collecting large individual items or large volumes of palletised scrap metal.

Large Hookloader (Bin)

Although the same configuration as the above vehicles, this is capable of carrying much heavier loads. Bins available range from 20-35 cubic yards approx, suitable for collection of larger volumes or weight of loose scrap metal.

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Skip Lorry (Skip) - Michele Grace

The 'traditional skip' lorry (ie. chain lift skips) is capable of carrying heavier loads than the small hookloader. Skips available range from 8-20 cubic yards. Suitable for collecting the heavier and lower volume loose scrap metal.

Small Hookloader (Flatbed)

This vehicle and flatbed combination allows us to collect scrap vehicles (ELVs), palletised scrap, scrap in bins and slightly larger items.

Small Hookloader (Bin)

This vehicle also comes equipped with bins that range from 14-20 cubic yards approx, suitable for many smaller collections of loose scrap metal.

Tail Lift Curtain Sided Lorry

This vehicle comes equipped with scales built in to weigh scrap on site.

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